The Portland Creative Conference, beginning in 1990, is still up and running. It was started by Will Vinton, forerunner of claymation, along with two fantastic directors, CJ (Cindy) Glazer, and Sandy Serling, and a fantastic founding board.  I have been lucky enough to have been the photographer since its onset. I hope you enjoy a compilation of some of the Conference's highlights.

The idea behind the "ubiquitous plug" is the Creative Conference's logo ... Plug In To Creativity

The Portland Creative Conference is now headed by Steve Gehlen (Chairman), as a fundraiser for Keeping The Arts, a non-profit for arts education in schools (gtades K-12) throughout Oregon.

​ (Portland Creative Conference)

​​Dear Melody, As always, it was a pleasure working with you on this year's Conference. Your generosity amd expert photography is greatly appreciated.Through your eyes, the Conference will be enjoyed by all of us for many years to come. Thank you so much !

Warmest regards, ​Susan DeMerit, Director Conference Affairs

Matt Clark

Danny Elfman

Barry Primus

Wes Craven

Amy Holden Jones

Michael Rich

Kohel Oguri

Eugenio Zanetti

MIchael Tolken

Alf Clausen

Joe Rohde

John Callahan

Frank Capra

​Barry Morse

Michael Backes

Gale Ann HUrd

and many more ...

Spike Lee

Bruce Greenwood

Gus Van Sant

Giovanni Agnelli

Alexandra Rose

Peggy Van Pelt

Gary Larson

Martin Sheen

Ed Asner


Portland Creative Conference

   Presented at The Performing Arts Center

Chuck Jones

Robert Watts

Matt Groening

Donald Petrie

Richard Gibbs

Dana Olsen

​Bill McAllister

​Michael Curry

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A Toot and Shoot collaberation, with the father ~ daughter team of Dick Saunders (Toot) and Melody Saunders (Shoot).

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Randall Kleiser

Trisha Ashford

Ray Harryhausen

Gregory Harrison

Linda Wallem

Dan Weiden

Buck Henry

​Steve Buscemi