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A Toot and Shoot collaberation, with the father ~ daughter team of Dick Saunders (Toot) and Melody Saunders (Shoot).
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Presented at

The Gerding Theatre 

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Portland Creative Conference

September 25 ~ 2015

Celebrating 25 Years

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​The Speakers

The Portland Creative Conference is now headed by Steve Gehlen (Chairman), as a fundraiser for Keeping The Arts, a non-profit for arts education in schools (gtades K-12) throughout Oregon.


(Portland Creative Conference)

The Portland Creative Conference, beginning in 1990, is still up and running. It was started by Will Vinton, forerunner of claymation, along with two fantastic directors, CJ (Cindy) Glazer, and Sandy Serling, and a great founding board.  I have been lucky enough to have been the photographer since its onset. I hope you enjoy brousing through this 25 Year Founder's Celebration of the Portland Creative Conference, with it's many wonderful speakers, volunteers, and attendees.

* I have photographed Sandi and CJ  every year of the conference in just this pose with both their cellphones.

 The joke being, during the Conference, these phones were permanently attached to their ears.

Sandi and CJ look the same, but the cell phones got smaller !

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