I LOVE Melody Saunders! A few years ago she did a book featuring rescued dogs called "A Bone On MY PIllow." My since passed Yorki was featured. She also took photos of me holding him. I wasn't expecting to be photographed and wasn't wearing any make-up and my hair was a mess. Even so, Melody made me look really good Also her prices are reasonable, and she is a delightful.

Dear Melody, We are overwhelmed, and thank you is such a little word, but it means so much.You outdid yourself. The shots are a grand story, They really tell it. The intensity of the personality comes barrelling through. I'll agree, part of that is your subject matter (parental pride acknowledged), but part of it too, is the perception of the photographer, developing with a sensitivity. So, on all scores, including the thoughtfulness of providing a set for us, your pictures are appreciated.

​Sincerely, Mrs. Elwood Carl

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