First, I must tell you that I absolutely loved the​"grapevine photos." John and I were on Glossa visiting Thomas ... and we sat under the grapevine trellis drinking home-made wine, and I couldn't take my eyes off the little "curly feelers." Your photos inspired me to look at objects more creatively, and​ I took lots of photos on this trip.

​Vasilis Alekos Korallis ~ Skiathos, Greece

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​​​​​These images were taken in my backyard on the grape arbor. They were originally photographed in color, but I thought that black and white had a more dramatic effect.

​​These look great. It makes me want to see more, like a whole season's growth. The pictures, so far, imply a greater context. Or they could be illustrations of a story of nature and seasons. That's what pictures are supposed to do. ​Evoke stories and possibilities in the viewer.

​Tony Maxymillian ~ Beaverton OR

​Leaves of Grape