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Dear Melody, Thanks for making Avery's shoot such a joy! We both had a great time. On the way home, Avery said, "Melody is so nice! I want her to shoot ALL my pictures!" How is that for a recommendation ?

I can't tell you what a great pleasure it is to watch someone at work who obviously loves what they're doing, and is able to convey that feeling.

I love your home/studio. So much of your personality is displayed. A sense of fun and laughter. I wish I had a week to walk through it, and hear all the stories behind each piece. God has blessed you with rich experiences, a great talent, and a zest for life that spills over to those around you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sincerely, Mary Holmes 

These kids came with the intent of having a headshot for their theatrical careers. I turned these images into art after they were used for the original purpose.

I remember when photographing one twelve year old boy, who had just joined Northwest Children's Theatre here in Portland after coming from Florida, saying to me ~ " I just love theatre kids because we are just different."

These faces say just that.