Hi Melody,

Just picked up the mail with your impressive and hilatious book. I am really taken aback with your photography and ingenuity. I have only spent 10 minutes on it, and the sayings, your subjects, and the brilliant execution carries such an interesting way to let your hair down. You certainly know how to make a person abandon self and stick out their tongue for change.

Bravo !

Thank you ... thank you ... thank you




Dear Melody,

I just received the book. I am impressed !!!! The quality of the book just knocks me out. This book is really beautiful down to the last detail. The pictures of the dogs are quite extraordinary.



Where else would you find a book that makes you laugh while getting great ideas on being healthy and fit ? 

Lynora, a fitness and health forerunner, has written some provacative words to get you thinking, while her husband, Dick, has his own set of ideas, more along the humorous side. They have had a great marriage for over sixty-three years "in fitness and in health,"

Great for those striving to stay fit and funny. Dick's cartoons are hilarious, and will make the journey to health a bit more fun.

$15 ~ 45 pages ~ 81/2x11

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A humorous look at the tongue through photographs, quotes, music, geography, health, mythology, literature, culture, and more.

A six-step program is included, which can change your personality into one you love, without years of expensive therapy.

A great gift for someone with a bit of tonguelevity in their soul. There is no other book like this on the market today.

It's all "tongue-in-cheek."

$35 ~ 124 pages ~ 81/2x11

Starring Stanley , the Peach- faced Lovebird, who was named for Stan of Laurel and Hardy, because of his many humorous antics. Lynora, his Mom, co-stars, along with a guest appearance by his cousin Orpheous, the Cockateil

A beautiful and coloful book, great for kids of all ages who know that birds are highly loving and intelligent beings. It is feelings that unite us all.

Lynora Saunders ~ Author                                     Melody Saunders ~ Photographer

$25 ~ 35 pages ~ 8.5X11

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A Bone On My Pillow is a photographic journey into the lives of rescue dogs and their rescuers. This book stars over fifty dogs plus some other lucky (The rescuers are lucky as well) animals that now have loving homes, and great lives. Each animal has a beautiful story about how they were rescued, and how everyone's lives were changed for the better. The video has quotes from the stories, which were written by the new parents, with a few wags and licks from the "kids."

I did this book with the hope these stories and photographs will touch the heart, showing that all life needs to be treated equally with love and respect, and that such beautiful animals should never be neglected or thrown away.

​$45 ~ 154 pages ~ 81/2x11


​​​A Bone On My Pillow ~ Tails From Home

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