I thought it would be fun to take old test strips from the days of printing in the darkroom with trays of developer, fixer and fiber paper, and turn them into a bit of  fun photo art. This project was just for the fun of it ~ and because I did not want to waste perfectly good paper.

All images were originally printed at U-Develop, thanks to Al and Weny Bereth's fantastic printing establishment, where I pretty much lived during the time it was open for photographers to work and meet each other. An amazing place to be.

STRIP TESTS ~ When printing fiber based paper with chemical trays and enlargers, a single sheet of paper was cut into one or two inch strips ~ or larger, depending on the size of the final print. These small "strips" of paper were used for testing the exposure of the final print, so a whole sheet would not be wasted while figuring out the correct exposure, burning, and dodging times for the final image.​​

I was looking through some of my saved test strips, and thought it would be interesting to turn them into  "A Strip Show."

So, sit back and watch a photographer's strip.

​​​A Strip Show

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